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Vessel Reference #503

Ex Military Ship

Profile | Landing Craft

Displacement (empty):
1350 MT
Standard displacement
1490 MT
Full displacement
1745 MT
72. m (236.2) Ft.
12 m (39.3) Ft.
Max Loaded Draft:
4.1 m (13.4) Ft.

Main Engine Drive : 2 two-stroke Diesel engines Zgoda-Sulzer Brand 6td48 type produced in 1976 in Poland, run of 22†000 h, engines condition — very good

Nominal engines power:
2 x 1800 KM
Maximum engines power:
2 x 1980 KM
Amount of cylinders:
2 x 6 cylinders
Engine rotations:
225 rotations/min.
Fuel consumption at the nominal power:
2 x 170 g/KMh
Oil consumption at the nominal power:
2 x 1,5 g/KMh
Amount of power screws:
Maximum speed:
16,8 kn
7800 nautical miles
Total capacity of fuel tanks:
about 300,000 liters

Dismantled Armaments:
2 double cannons AK-230 calibre 30mm
2 double cannons zu-23-2m calibre 23 mm
2 single salute cannons calibre 45 mm


1) There is possibility of putting the vessel in motion and providing it with single permission for a trip to the port of destination.
2) There is possibility of carrying out major repair along with rebuilding or coming back to the original structure of the vessel , i.e. assembling dismantled armaments or additional armaments according to the Buyer needs.

All details given in good faith BWG.

Price: 570,000 Euros

Stern | Landing Craft

Engine Room

Engine Room